Steve Talks

Steve Parker 

As an accomplished and experienced speaker with a lively and energetic presentation style, Steve is able to engage and entertain audiences of any size. He covers a number of topics related to food and drink and draws upon his extensive big business experience.
Humorous and fast paced, his topics can be relevant to any business requirement. Some the most popular topics that Steve speaks on are listed below:
Or why not book Steve to give a tutored talk about the cheeses served on your after dinner cheeseboard.

The Wonderful World of Cheese 

Award winning cheesemonger, international cheese judge and speaker, Steve is well qualified to inform, educate and entertain on the subject of cheese.
This engaging and entertaining talk will cover the history and legends behind many of the world's most famous and best loved cheeses. 
Why are Brie and Camembert so similar? And why do we have a priest, a farmer's wife and an engineer to thank for the similarity?
Who milked their cows twice to avoid paying taxes?
How did a shepherd boy dicover the secret of blue cheese?
Steve has a wealth of stories to tell and in the talk, he will reveal the secrets behind your favourite cheeses, giving you a store of tales to tell at your own dinner parties.
Ideal for any time of day (including as an after dinner talk), we can also provide a cheese board for audience members to enjoy during the talk.
Recommended for audiences of any size.

Duration 15 - 60 minutes.

Women and Wine 

An informative and entertaining talk explaining the reasons why women make better wine tasters, have led innovation in wine and continue to lead the wine business in many areas.
Ideal for either a pre-lunch or pre-dinner talk or as an end of day mood-lifter.
Steve's enthusiastic presentation style will keep the audience engaged throughout as he shares stories about the sensory advantages women have over men, about six amazing widows and how women have led in the wine business for so long.
A glass of champagne can be served as an optional extra during the talk to lift the audience further as Steve explains the health, fitness and sexual benefits of wine drinking for women.
Recommended for audiences of any size or gender.

Duration 30 - 60 minutes

How to Impress your Client and your Finance Director

Restaurant wine lists can be a nightmare for many, whether it be the choosing of the wine or deciding how much to spend, the potential for disaster looms over us all.
This informal, informative and light-hearted guide to making the right decision has proved very popular with audiences of all sizes.
Learn Steve's secret to making an informed decision when choosing wines that will impress your clients and friends, both with their quality and your depth of knowledge, whilst at the same time keeping the bean-counters happy with your value for money decision making.
Ideal for audiences of any size as a pre-lunch or pre-dinner talk, with an optional glass of wine to be enjoyed by the audience.

Duration 15 - 30 minutes

Six Amazing Women 

An informative and informal talk about six widows who shaped the world of Champagne.
Had it not been for these ladies, we would not be enjoying Champagne as we know it today.
A short historical profile of the Champagne widows with an optional glass of Champagne to be enjoyed during the talk.
Ideal for pre-lunch, pre-dinner or end of day talk.
Suitable for audiences of any size or gender.

Duration 15 - 30 minutes