Food and Drink Passport

Passport to Taste is an innovative, stimulating and challenging tasting activity designed to entertain and educate your clients or colleagues.

Exploring food and drink from all around the world makes this challenge hugely popular with international or multi-cultural teams.

It can be run as a stand alone event or as part of your larger corporate event or conference.

Following the welcome and briefing, teams are issued with ‘passports’ and invited to visit a number of ‘countries’ arranged around the venue.

At each ‘country’ there is a food and drink pairing from that country which needs to be identified from the options in the passport before moving onto the next ‘country’.

After all the countries have been visited and passports completed, we give the answers which allows the audience to learn from their experience.

Optional Extras
Welcome Drinks : a superb way to ‘break the ice’, especially if your guests don’t know each other or are arriving at different times.
Charity Champagne Challenge : an opportunity to raise funds for your chosen charity whilst providing a competitive fun element for your event.
Food and Drink Quiz Challenge : an additional fun and participative activity to run during your event or during a meal before or after it.

Passport to Taste is designed to run for two hours, but can be tailored to your individual event requirements.

“A study by Cornell University has established a clear link between teams that eat and drink together and high performance”